MPTC Invests In Jeepney Modernization Network Through Byahe

Front, from left: Laurence Bahia (On-Us Solutions CEO), Brian Cu (On-US Solutions Founder/Director), Rodrigo Franco (MPTC President & CEO), Raul Ignacio (MPT Mobility President & General Manager), and Enrique Gonzalez (On-Us Solutions Chairman). Back, from left: Francis Rojas (MPTC Chief Business Development Officer), Leo Gonzales (On-Us Solutions Public Affairs Head), Mona Lissa Sanson (MPT Mobility Chief Finance Officer), Himani Keswani (IP Ventures Director for Corporate Finance), Srinivas Polishetty (IP Ventures/AO Capital Managing Director), Mark de Leon (MPT Mobility Business Development Head), Christopher Lizo (MPTC Group Chief Finance Officer)


The Manny Pangilinan-led Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation (MPTC) has signed agreements to purchase a significant minority stake in Byahe (registered as On-Us Solutions Inc).

The investment will be made through MPT Mobility Corp., MPTC’s unit for mobility services.

Byahe is a platform that connects jeepney operators, creditors, jeepney manufacturers, the government, and ultimately, commuters to usher in a new era of safe, affordable, and sustainable public transportation services network.

MPTC’s investment in Byahe is part of the group’s push toward increasing its investments in sustainable transportation and mobility solutions.

Byahe, which positioned itself as a modernized Jeepney operator (MPUJ) in line with the DOTR’s PUV modernization program, currently manages a fleet of 30 modernized jeepneys, all of which are Euro-IV compliant, that ply over eight routes across in Metro Manila and other parts of Luzon.

It plans to expand its fleet to 200 jeepneys in the near term and to 500 jeepneys across 20-30 routes over the next 2 to 3 years, fueled by the capital infusion by MPTC.

“We are very excited to partner with Byahe and support their mission of building a safe and sustainable transportation ecosystem of the future. We believe there is immense value in what Byahe could create for the improvement of Filipino lives. They have started strong with a well-thought strategy, have been executing well even through the pandemic and we’re excited to support them on this clean, green journey” said MPTC President and CEO Rodrigo Franco.

“We are very excited to have the Metro Pacific Tollways on-board our journey of revolutionizing Philippines’ urban transportation. We are only in phase 1.0 of building a nation-wide, green and sustainable urban transportation network that will redefine the quality of Filipino lives in the decades to come. To have the backing and stewardship of Mr. Pangilinan and to be able to leverage the experience of the institutions that he has created is a great honor and privilege, especially so early on in our journey,” said Byahe chairman Enrique Gonzalez.

“We’re here to modernize, not only the carriers, but also the operations with fleet management solutions that will standardize the service. Improving our public transport system is a continuous journey and we are looking forward to getting the support and cooperation of all our stakeholders for a better Filipino commuting experience,” added Laurence Bahia, Byahe Chief Executive Officer.

The investment in Byahe came on the heels of the launch of the MPT DriveHub, a mobile app that integrates MPTC’s expressway and mobility products and services in a digital platform in the hands of its customers.

The two latest corporate milestones are steps closer to actualizing MPTC’s revitalized vision of becoming a premier mobility enabler.

As part of the agreement, MPTC will infuse fresh equity in Byahe, which will be used to finance expansion of its current Euro-IV compliant fleet, procurement of new state-of-the-art electric jeepneys, and expansion of its route network.