MPT Mobility Showcases Innovation Projects At MIAS 2022

MPT Mobility and MPT DriveHub Booth at Manila International Auto Show


MPT Mobility showcased two of its latest innovation projects at the Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) which is now being held at the World Trade Center from April 7 to 10, 2022.

For its first participation in MIAS, MPT Mobility exhibited two programs – its all-in-one travel app MPT DriveHub and second is its foray in the EV industry.  

Launched in February, MPT DriveHub integrates three key travel functions in one: RFID transactions, trip planning, and emergency roadside assistance. It is now available at the Apple App Store and Google Play for free.

Among the app’s core features are the Easytrip RFID reload and account balance; checking of toll service facilities along the MPTC expressways (such as rest stops, fueling stops, and restaurants); and a toll fee calculator.


It also features a traffic update function, that can help motorists anticipate MPTC Expressway traffic conditions ahead. 24/7 roadside emergency services are also just a tap away with the MPT DriveHub’s call button.


“DriveHub is designed to make access and mobility efficient and easy for our customers. Aside from getting to their destination, we want them to enjoy the journey as well,” said MPT Mobility President and General Manager Raul Ignacio.


Apart from providing a digital touchpoint for MPTC Expressway users, MPT Mobility is championing the development and integration of electric vehicle ecosystems, complete with fleet terminals and EV charging stations within MPTC’s tollways.

“We envision the creation of business viable network of EV ecosystems that can increase the travel boundaries of electric vehicles coming from Metro Manila. This step alone can increase the adoption of electric vehicle use, and inevitably, amplify its benefits of reducing the country’s carbon footprint and providing an alternative cost option for motorists from current volatile fuel prices,” said MPT Mobility Business Development Vice President Mark De Leon


Through MPT Mobility, MPTC is now a member of Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines (EVAP) and actively continues to integrate its subsidiaries into the adoption and integration of electric vehicles into their service systems and operations as part of its overall EV adoption strategy. MPT South’s electric patrol vehicle which is on display at MIAS, proves the benefits and viability of having sustainable automobiles.


“What better way to reach out to our customers than here in MIAS, where the best of the best motoring products are showcased. We are looking forward to joining further expos in the future,” De Leon (Franco) said.