Celebrating MPT Mobility’s Thrust Of Smart Urban Mobility In The Philippines

Operating unit heads MPT DriveHub, Dibz, Spot On, Easytrip Corporation, On-Us Solutions Inc, and One Hub share a toast to commemorate two years of MPT Mobility’s INNOVOLUTION!


MPT Mobility, the innovations arm of Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation (MPTC), recently celebrated its anniversary of providing efficient, effective, and modern mobility solutions for Filipinos’ traveling experience.


Held at Sheraton Manila Hotel, the grand event brought together national and local government officials, MPTC and MPT Mobility employees and business partners. The guests immersed in the Innovolution gallery’s striking LED screens that showcased MPT Mobility’s eight operating units. Hosted by digital personality Cara Eriguel, the program commemorated MPT Mobility’s milestones and success stories achieved under the leadership of key executives across the diverse units. Complementing the festivities were world-class acts by singer-songwriter Nicole Laurel Asensio and Brazilian DJ Luane De Lima Sumner.


More than a high-profile social gathering, the event signified what MPT Mobility was able to achieve in 2022. From pre-booking a parking slot to expressway towing services, to the ultimate travel companion app, to centralized customer service, to electronic toll collection, to modern e-jeeps, to tactical advertising properties, and to advocating groundbreaking smart urban mobility infrastructure—these are just some of what MPT Mobility has contributed to the country’s mobility industry.


During the event, MPTC President and CEO Rodrigo E. Franco shared the idea behind the formation of MPT Mobility: “For the express purpose of elevating the quality of life of the Filipino through cutting-edge technologies and game-changing mobility services. Getting you from Point A to Point B with accurate, accessible data and digital mobility solutions,” he said. “Mobility unlocks opportunities for increased economic output, and this powers nation-building as aligned with our vision to enable everyone to move freely to live fully.”


The road to achieve smart urban mobility in the Philippines is a collaborative effort among MPT Mobility’s eight operating units. These units are comfort and convenience destination NLEX Drive and Dine, utility and infrastructure services provider Savvice Corporation, out-of-home advertising arm Spot On, electronic toll collection system integrator Easytrip RFID, travel companion app MPT Drivehub, parking solutions app Dibz, MPT Mobility’s centralized customer response organization One Hub, and modernized jeepney operator Byahe—with MPT Mobility’s Business Development team driving the growth of each business.


“That we were formed in the midst of a pandemic only speaks to the strength of our resolve, the clarity of our vision, and our firm commitment to bringing innovative revolution—or Innovolution, if you will,” Franco added. “These Innovolutions ride on the power of digital transformation. So as newer technologies come into play, expect our work to be a continuous undertaking.”


The innovations arm of Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation (MPTC), MPT Mobility aims to improve the overall Pinoy traveling experience through its tech-forward products and services.