Experience Stress-Free Parking With Dibz

Introducing the Dibz Parking App – an on-demand app that enables you to search for, reserve, and be guaranteed a parking space will be available when you arrive at your destination!

With the multitude of cars that use limited parking areas in the city, finding and securing one can sometimes be a struggle. But one does not need to worry anymore because the Dibz Parking App is here. This app is built to help drivers find and reserve a parking spot before they even arrive at their desired destination. Dibz also helps owners or renters of parking areas that are not used to list them on the app so other drivers can use them.


How the App Works

The Dibz app works by allowing drivers to look for available parking lots in or near the areas they are going to. Once a parking lot is available, they can reserve this spot beforehand. To use this application, drivers just need to install it on their devices and sign up. Once done, they can click "pre-booked" on the app’s dashboard. Then they will enter their destination and choose from the available parking spots. After that, they will tap “pre-book” and confirm the details of the vehicle they are using. A QR code will be generated in the app and will be used upon entry and exit.

Some of the features that the Dibz app has are:

  • Navigate: Drivers using the Dibz app can check and receive real-time updates on available parking spaces at their desired destination. Furthermore, if a parking spot is not available, they can use the app to navigate and check for nearby parking spots that can be reserved.
  • Parking History: The app helps drivers check where they parked and how much it cost, compared to paper receipts that are easily misplaced. Also, the data on the Dibz app is easily accessible at any time.
  • Residential Partner: For those who have unused parking spaces that they own or lease, they can put them on Dibz for rent. By doing so, they can earn money while simultaneously helping drivers in need of parking spaces.


Benefits of Using the App

Dibz comes with a host of benefits that include:

  • Time saver: Drivers using the Dibz app can avoid wasting their time circling or navigating the area for parking slots, which leads to lesser fuel consumption.
  • Environment-friendly: With its fast and easy way of finding parking spots, cars would have a shorter time with their engines on, consuming less fuel and emitting less substance into the environment.
  • Optimizing parking spaces: The Dibz app informs drivers of available parking lots that are unused but difficult to find in cities as well as assists private individuals to put their unused parking spaces on the rent list. This leads to the optimization of parking spaces.


Availability and Expansion

Dibz is currently available in Makati areas in the car parks of Dela Rosa 1, Dela Rosa 2, and Valero. Also, establishments like SM North EDSA, SM Mall of Asia, and SM Aura, together with Ayala Malls Feliz and Manila Bay, have announced that Dibz has become their official valet parking service operation. Dibz is planning to expand its services to more areas, but the specific locations have yet to be determined or confirmed. Aside from expanding, they are also aiming to add new features and services that would benefit their growing users. So, for those who live in areas where Dibz is available, they can download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Dibz benefits drivers, parking owners, big cities, and even the environment. If you are looking for a hassle-free, convenient, and faster way to find parking spaces, you can download the Dibz app today. To learn more, you can visit Dibz's official website or message them at info.dibz@mptmobility.com.

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