Savvice Corporation Offers Integral Operations And Maintenance Services

Maximizing Efficiency and Reliability: Discover Savvice Corporation's Comprehensive Operations and Maintenance Solutions

Since 1999, SAVVICE Corporation, formerly Southbend Express Services, Inc. (SESI), has been at the forefront of mobility solutions providers in the Philippines that offer comprehensive operations and maintenance (O&M) services.

Brief History


The company began operations in 1999 as Southbend Express Services, Inc. (SESI), an independent contracting firm specializing in housekeeping, janitorial, and one-time cleaning services. In 2004, they expanded their range of mobility services in the Philippines to include facility maintenance, administrative support, roadside assistance, an overload prevention program, emergency response, the provision of qualified and skilled personnel, and other related services. In 2021, Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation (MPTC) acquired Southbend Express Services, which subsequently rebranded as SAVVICE Corporation in 2022.

Where Does the Company’s Name Come From?


SAVVICE Corporation was coined from the words: "savvy" and "service", with the former referring to excellent judgment and expertise, while the latter represents the company's main competencies. The name also conveys their commitment to "Service Excellence Beyond Measure."

What Certifications Do They Have?

SAVVICE Corporation takes pride as a DOLE 174 and ISO 9001:2015 certified mobility solutions provider in the Philippines.

Number of Personnel All Over the Country?

To date, SAVVICE employs more than 1,200 personnel across the country. The team provides operations and maintenance services that are on par with the quality standards of their clients.

What is Savvice Corporation’s Aim?

SAVVICE Corporation aims to become the industry's top mobility service provider in the Philippines by offering O&M services. Our highly-trained team strives to improve our services to meet the needs of our diverse clients.

What Services Do Savvice Corporation Offer?

SAVVICE Corporation offers a wide range of mobility solutions in the Philippines, such as:

  • General Services - This offers general and sanitation services and reception management to maintain a conducive work environment for clients.
  • Fleet Management - This provides transportation services to organizations and their employees regularly or, by prior arrangement, to facilitate industry mobility and logistics.
  • Towing Services - This provides 24/7 emergency roadside assistance for NLEX-SCTEX motorists experiencing transportation difficulties.
  • Tollways Maintenance - This service includes preventative maintenance, facility management, and incident response to ensure that clients' property, assets, and equipment are protected against damage.
  • Traffic Auxiliary - This ensures efficient traffic flow on expressways and interchanges and complies with the Anti-Overloading Vehicle Program to protect motorists and expressway infrastructure.
  • Roadway Systems - This supports roadwork developments by providing products and services that comply with safety and regulatory requirements to ensure driver safety and property protection.
  • Parking Management - This provides users with a listing of vacant parking spaces nearby to reduce traffic congestion.

SAVVICE Corporation is a subsidiary of MPT Mobility, a digital mobility company in the Philippines, that provides operations and maintenance services to promote business efficiency and performance. To learn more about our services, you can visit our website at MPT Mobility (Metro Pacific Tollway Company) UA-223768869-1 [] news News {"id_events_item":"57","date_cal":"18-9-2016"} {"id_events_item":"56","date_cal":"1-7-2016"}