Easytrip RFID: Everything You Need To Know

A Comprehensive Guide to Using Easytrip RFID for Tollways

Due to health protocols and the high number of vehicles queuing for toll collection, transportation authorities have developed cashless and contactless payment systems for motorists entering toll roads as effective mobility solutions in the Philippines.

Easytrip Services Corporation (ESC) specializes in providing electronic toll payment systems for Metro Pacific Tollway Company (MPTC) and its network of expressways. ESC has revolutionized toll road navigation by offering access control and e-payment solutions to MPTC motorists, road merchants, and transportation service providers.

What Services Does Easytrip Offer?

Easytrip offers a range of mobility services in the Philippines that aim to provide a convenient toll payment solution and travel experience for motorists. These services include:

Easytrip RFID - Made possible through radio frequency identification (RFID), Easytrip allows motorists to make cashless transactions in designated toll lanes to make travel easier and faster. Reloading Partnership - As a mobility solutions provider in the Philippines, Easytrip works with various reloading partners to allow MPTC motorists to credit their accounts easily. Account Management System - For businesses, Easytrip offers digital mobility solutions in the Philippines, such as the Account Management System (AMS), which facilitates subscriptions and account management so that customers can access all the data through an intuitive user interface (UI). Co-Branding - Easytrip maintains relationships with several external partners on loyalty programs and co-branding initiatives.

Easytrip’s Tollway Partners

Easytrip is a mobility service provider in the Philippines that partners with the largest expressway operators in the country to provide automated toll collection systems to millions of drivers, including:

  • North Luzon Expressway (NLEX)
  • North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) Connector
  • Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX)
  • Cavite Expressway (CAVITEX)
  • Cavite-Laguna Expressway (CALAX)

What are their Products?

RFID Stickers - With radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, these tags can be attached to either the windshield or headlights of a vehicle to facilitate e-payment toll collection. The designated toll lane is equipped with an integrated sensor that detects stickers and automatically deducts fees from the motorist's account.

What is Easytrip RFID?

Easytrip RFID is a government-approved mobility solution in the Philippines that promotes cashless and contactless transactions to optimize MPTC motorists' travel experiences.

  • Easytrip Coverage - EasyTrip RFID is limited to expressways operated by MPTC, such as NLEX, NLEX Connector, SCTEX, CAVITEX, and CALAX.
  • Where to Get One? - Motorists can get Easytrip RFID through walk-in and drive-thru installation sites along MPTC expressways. No complicated paperwork is required, and Easytrip RFID can be used immediately.
  • How to Check RFID Balance? - Checking your Easytrip account balance is as simple as visiting the Easytrip website, downloading the MPT DriveHub mobile app, or sending an SMS message.
  • How to Reload RFID? - Motorists can top up their RFID accounts online before traveling on the expressway to avoid any inconvenience. They can also reload via the MPT DriveHub app or partnered online banking, e-wallets, over-the-counter pay centers, and SMS.

Overall, Easytrip's services are designed to improve the efficiency and ease of navigating tollways. By offering comprehensive mobility solutions in the Philippines, travelers will be able to reduce cash toll payments and travel time, as well as improve traffic flow on major highways and expressways.

Easytrip Services Corporation, a subsidiary of MPT Mobility – the Philippines’ mobility service provider, is offering advanced products and services that help Filipinos make the most of their travel journey. For more information, call 1-35000 or email customercare@mptc.com.ph.

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