Never Circle For Parking Again: Dibz Pre-Booked Parking Is Here!

You can now pre-booked your parking space!

As the center of business and industrialization in the country, commuters in Metro Manila are faced with a persistent problem when it comes to finding parking spaces around the metro. This problem is rooted in the staggering number of vehicles and limited parking slots. Shortage of parking in addition to traffic jams and long distances often lead to an exhausting commute thus affecting the productivity and well-being of most commuters.

The advent of mobility solutions in the Philippines like the Dibz Mobile App aims to address this ongoing dilemma by enabling drivers to search for parking slots and book them before arriving at their destination.

Introducing Dibz Pre-Booked Parking: The Promise of Convenience, Reliability, and Security

As the innovations arm of Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation, MPT Mobility is a mobility solutions company in the Philippines that works to elevate the traveling experience of every Filipino by providing services and products. One of their services is the Dibz app, which is designed to redesign and improve how people park.

At its core, Dibz provides convenience to its users by allowing them to search for available parking slots near their desired destination and get parking updates in real-time. With this, users can secure a slot and avoid roaming around the area looking for an available one. When it comes to payment, users can pay through the app, making it more convenient and hassle-free. Additionally, the parking lots listed on the Dibz app are well lit, clean, and safe, as they are equipped with CCTV cameras and security guards.

At the onset of developing this application, the daily struggles of the urban working class and commuters to find parking slots were greatly taken into consideration. This is because they are the ones who mostly utilize parking slots, and they play a vital role in economic development. Also, this app intends to alleviate parking problems in key cities in Metro Manila, like Makati, for improved and enhanced mobility.

The Parking Struggle in Metro Manila

As an urbanized area where businesses, corporations, and different organizations are situated, Metro Manila, specifically Makati, sees an influx of various vehicles. On top of this, ride-hailing services that cater to commuters working in these key areas contribute to the increase in vehicle numbers. This has resulted in a shortage of parking slots. That is why a digital mobility solution in the Philippines is urgently needed to address, if not completely solve, this problem.

Empathy for Commuters

Time is a valuable resource for everyone. In the case of commuters, they spend a good amount of time looking for parking slots every day. This time could be used instead to do other important matters that can contribute to improving their day-to-day lives.

In metropolitan areas, parking spaces are vital components of economic growth. This is because they provide space for vehicles owned by working people who serve as agents in the economic development of these areas.

Available in Key Areas

Dibz is available in key areas like Makati, which is considered the financial center of the Philippines. Specifically, in Dela Rosa Car Parks 1 and 2 and Valero Car Park.

Continuous Development of Features

As a parking innovator app in the Philippines, Dibz is committed to enhancing the parking experience in Metro Manila. In the next few months and years, Dibz will expand its availability in other key areas around the Metro and even outside of it to cater to more Filipino commuters. Just like any other application or technological tool, Dibz is also continuously developing its features for its users.

Download Dibz Now

It's time to redefine your parking experience with Dibz! Dibz is available to be downloaded on the Google Play Store or Apple Store. To learn more about this app, visit

In today’s prevalent mobility struggles, the Dibz pre-booked parking app is a beneficial tool for every driver and commuter. From offering convenience by just searching parking slots on your mobile phones to avoiding wasting time circling for parking spaces, Dibz elevates and continues to elevate parking MPT Mobility (Metro Pacific Tollway Company) UA-223768869-1 [] news News {"id_events_item":"57","date_cal":"18-9-2016"} {"id_events_item":"56","date_cal":"1-7-2016"}